Ghar Utsav

There is nothing more heart-warming than preparing your abode for the upcoming festivities. Truth be told, we in India especially, deserve a break from the gloom that shrouded us during the second wave of Covid-19. Thus, it is time to lift ourselves to welcome home the warmth and positivity again whilst most definitely embracing gratitude.

We at Bruijn try our best to implement the Indian saying थोड़ा करो पर अच्छा करो. Our best endeavours are to ensure good quality, and wherever possible, local produce to churn out delectable yet healthy delicatessens. It goes without saying how difficult this task becomes with volatile fuel prices, global warming, geo-politics and rising demand. There is also a conscious effort on our part to remain boutique lest we lose our identity and the value system that we built ourselves upon and try our best to uphold to. However, it is equally rewarding and commendable to see our patrons support our vision and many-a-times understand and respect our efforts. Thus putting into play the African philosophy of Ubuntu, I am because you are.

Thanking all our patrons from the bottom of our hearts and a very Happy Diwali from ours to yours.