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Commitment & Care

On our fourth year post COVID, we analyse the foundations upon which we had revamped and rebirthed Bruijn. With a goal to utmost commitment and care for quality and service, reimagining and revisiting classic pairings of nuts and dried fruits becomes more meaningful with each passing year. Whether it is to improve your everyday living or to enrich your celebrations, we handcraft sweet and savory treats that are just as pure, timeless and nourishing as their original ingredients.
As for our social media, we give you a better understanding into our latest offerings, cultural and food explorations, and interesting collaborations. At the same time, furthering the conversation about the versatility of dried fruits and nuts and their cultural connotation has allowed us to create our tribe.
We hope to grow stronger in projecting our value system through our products, collaborations and creations while thanking you for your infinite support in our journey.

A delicious confluence: a gastronome, a curator and their shared cultures

For Eid-Ul-Fitr, Bruijn collaborated with chef Taiyaba Ali who is primarily a researcher and a food writer, but also a cook of homestyle Lakhnawi food who draws from her own Awadhi heritage.
The collaboration also celebrated Taiyaba’s and Mandavi’s (the brand’s founder) shared origins in Uttar Pradesh, highlighting the importance of diversity in culture, creation and cuisine.