• Edible Christmas tree made of walnuts
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This holiday season, we bring you our quintessential Christmas delights made with love for your special someone

Christmas Specials

Christmas Specials

The winter & holiday season is incomplete without all things nuts, dried fruits and hearty indulgence.
We are bringing in the holiday with some delicious treats that are a mix of quintessential winter nuts, dried fruits, and Christmas spices.
Our winter delights are here to give you all kinds of holiday feels along with adding a cultural imprint.
Our reusable Christmas boxes are in collaboration with Rickshaw Recycle made from recycled paper and make for beautiful keepsakes.

Bruijn x Maroof Culmen

We were introduced to Maroof’s magic as we paused and stopped scrolling past the fast-paced videos streaming on social media platforms to give way to something with more depth and definition.

His work as aptly described - for the ‘gram bio - is a reverence towards art at the root of life, experiences and people. We will travel through three cities crucial to our narrative and so beautifully captured by Maroof. Find more about the series here; editorial content titled as