Mango Mania!

One can’t talk about Indian summers without mentioning the king of fruits- M A N G O ! To beat the heat, we bring to you a refreshing salad that is easy to toss using a handful of ingredients and some best sellers from our pantry. What’s even better? It’s gluten-free too, making it quick to digest and easy on your gut.


Mango & Arugula Salad (serves 4)

Place 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar in a pan on medium heat. Simmer around 5 to 6 minutes until it thickens and reduces in half to around 2 tablespoons. 

Add olive oil, Raw Acacia Honey & Walnuts, black pepper and salt to taste. Mix everything and set aside.

To a large bowl, add arugula and chopped  mangoes. Drizzle the dressing and mix.

Serve the mango arugula salad fresh. Garnish with some goat cheese and/or Lime & Chilli Pistachios for that extra heat.

Enjoy thoroughly!