As we bid farewell to winter’s chill and welcome the gentle embrace of spring, we find joy in nature's wonders. At Bruijn, we are thrilled to share the excitement of spring and invite you to our special collaboration with the talented Sakshi Gupta from @thegirlwithideas.

Sakshi, who boasts a resume of having worked with Devika Narain and now heads her own styling boutique, walks us through upcoming spring wedding trends. In celebration of nature and the bounty that spring brings forth, Sakshi helps set up a beautiful grazing table, made delicious with our produce.

To display the versatility of dried fruits and nuts, we too have experimented with fresh-to-eat paan dates and mascarpone figs that can be considered as healthier, lighter knick-knacks for outdoor events. Don’t miss our Kashmiri Kehwa, newly launched for this season of transition, to elevate your taste and fortify your immunity. To add to it all, Sakshi intricately couples our gourmet delights with natural decor elements, truly breathing life into this delectable affair.

Explore our digital gallery to gain an insight on how we can provide for your upcoming spring event.