Exquisite box

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1 x 90g Salted Caramel Pecans
1 x 90g Lime & Chilli Pistachios
1 x 90g Pepper & Rosemary Cashews
1 x 90g Smoked Almonds 
1 x Classic Craft Box of 12

The selection of 4 nuts are from our most popular flavours and the box consciously offers a variety. 

The classic craft box contains ~ 275g of assorted dates, figs and walnuts: candied orange rind dates, apricot & raisin walnuts, hazelnut and apple figs. 

All edibles in the box of 12 are prepared fresh using natural ingredients. Raw cane and/ or sulphur-less sugar used only. Keto-friendly. Gluten free. Vegetarian. Handcrafted. Small batch production.

Consumption & Storage: 

Consume fresh within 30 days and keep all contents away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Size of the Craft box of 12: 7.5” x 5.5” x 1”
Size of each jar : 3.5”x 3”
Size of the Exquisite box: 13.25" x 9.25" x 4"  
Color of the gift box: Columbo Cream