The Modest Journey

It was a childhood connection that started with my father's trading business of nuts. Like most small businesses, it was homegrown, so much so that I remember my brother and I climbing large mountains of stacked jute sacks at home. We would celebrate by rewarding ourselves and munching on a handful of nuts, perched victoriously atop a sea of brown hued sacks.

Years later, I decided to further the business but colour it with the shades of my own personality. My first goal was to understand and personally undertake production to churn out the quality we proudly claim. Till date, I frequent Khari Baoli in Chandni Chowk - one of Asia's largest wholesale market for dried fruits - to handpick our produce and ensure the quality of our ingredients before we go into multiple processes of sorting, refining, roasting, flavouring etc. In the world heavily dominated by men, it has been quite a journey to earn my credibility as a woman entrepreneur. But like the victorious ascent to the top of the jute sack mountain, it has been rewarding to see and contribute to the changing landscape of business in one of the most crowded areas of the world.

This confession is my ode or my love song to an entity of sorts that has taught and nurtured me so generously in my entrepreneurial journey - Chandni Chowk.


- Mandavi Kanchan