A Very Merry Christmas

2021 evoked in us all kinds of opposing emotions ranging from anxiety to relief, hopelessness to gratitude, fear to joy, etc. And as this crucial year draws to a close and we gather around the Christmas tree to set up for the big feast, we put forward tales of some of our favourite people that warm the heart like Chicken Soup for The Soul.

Our Instagram page showcases three such stories of stalwarts in their own respective areas of expertise:

Hanisha & Jamshed, the famed duo behind Plats, a contemporary, European restaurant.

Saumya & Shiva, the creative pair that heads The Open Art Project, a creative agency that helps bring food brands across India to life.

Sarah Jacob, a renowned journalist with NDTV and a working mom of two

As for us, it’s beautiful how a universal tradition can be interpreted and moulded to signify gratitude, family, togetherness and support - values that have definite held high this year.

We thank Ankit Chawla to help us bring these beautiful stories to life and together we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from ours to yours!