Pause & Reflect

It’s 2022 and the world has never been more fast paced with a metaphysical universe being created and crypto-currencies ironically becoming a very real part of our lives. Hence the need to ‘pause and reflect’ has never been more necessary lest life passes us in a blur. I never realised how hard ‘slow-living’ and ‘mindfulness’ can actually be in practice when your mind and body are wired to work continuously. Shedding the guilt and accepting to momentarily pause is a self-taught process and for most of us, requires a lot of unlearning. 
A good way to start is by considering what you eat - from its origins till its journey to your plate. Important questions to ask yourself are - Has it been ethically-sourced? Does it empower your local community? Is it healthy for you? At Bruijn, even when creating a new product line, I do consider these questions in order for you to ultimately become a conscious consumer.

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- Mandavi Kanchan
Founder & Creative Force