Sikkawala - The Collector’s Edition

Our intent with the Stories of Bruijn Collectors’ Edition is to create a complete product - contents and box - that leaves a lasting impact on those receiving it i.e. those who seek value in mindful and delicate curation.

Adorned with a Jaal like pattern heavily present in Indo-Persian culture, the Stories collection reveals a lot more. The influence of our rich heritage echoes across generations, also eloquently unveiling itself through realms like literature, food and in some cases numismatics (the art & study of ancient coins).

Presenting to you, a delightful afternoon in conversation with Shah Umair aka Sikkawala, a renowned numismatist and history enthusiast.

A gift from Umair's father first sparked his fascination with collecting ancient coins; a set of commemorative coins marked the inception of a profound passion. What began as a simple hobby blossomed into a love for interconnected histories and cultures woven into the fabric of the Indian subcontinent.

Umair ingeniously repurposes the Stories of Bruijn Classic box as an elegant repository for his cherished heirloom collection. The box's internal divisions became the perfect organizational framework, allowing Umair to categorize his coins with precision, delineating by year, empire, and ruler.

Amidst recounting his personal journey, Umair graciously shares glimpses of his cultural heritage. He nostalgically recalls his grandmother's time-honored remedy for ailments—a delectable paste crafted from dried fruits, makhanas, and pine nuts, enjoyed alongside freshly baked bread. Recalling Eid festivities too, Umair brings to life memories of receiving lavish trays adorned with dates and meticulously stuffing them with an array of nuts to be shared joyously with cousins.

In his evocative narrative, Umair invites us as listeners to partake in the communal ritual of breaking walnuts between door hinges during winter - a cherished tradition echoing through the corridors of Indian households, fostering warm connections with loved ones.

As we traverse the corridors of Umair's memories, we are not merely spectators but active participants in the timeless Stories of Bruijn, where each coin and culinary delight becomes a portal to shared histories and the enduring spirit of cultural resonance.

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