Mini Shastri - The Collector’s Edition

Every festive season, we are faced with the challenge to innovate, invent and present the unattempted.

This year, we have met this challenge with much gusto whilst designing our
Stories of Bruijn collection. With the intent to craft boxes that can be repurposed well after its contents savoured and hence qualify as a mindful gift, we move a step towards sustainability.

To introduce this collection, Bruijn has picked individuals who are revered for their mindful practices in their professional spheres. Hence, our Collector’s Edition series seeks to further the discussion on thoughtful curation and gifting.

First in our series is the famous Yoga practitioner - Mini Shastri - to whom we gifted our box of dried fruits. We were pleasantly surprised to know that Mini had recycled our Classic box to store heirloom jewellery and trinkets after relishing its contents. From within this box, now a container for treasured jewellery, we chanced upon a beautiful ring that Mini inherited from her maternal grandmother. The 200+ year old ring minted under Bengal Presidency was carried from Balochistan to Bihar where Mini’s family settled after the Partition. With Mini having beautifully repurposed our gift, our boxes get an elevated meaning.

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