Bruijn x The Solo Girl

In a fun experiment to push the boundaries of art, food, and culture, we bring to you this unique collaboration between Bruijn x The Solo Girl that lends a new lens to weddings as forms of artistic expression. 

About The Solo Girl : Prabhleen a designer, a mix media artist and a curatorial genius whose work is vibrant, surprising and bordering maximalist extravagance.

About the brand: Bruijn explores art and culture through many mediums of visual story telling, expanding the conversation on dried fruits and nuts and lending them an experiential nature.

We at Bruijn approached Prabhleen to explore the artistic and visual mediums to create a strong commentary blurring the imaginary lines drawn on Earth where truly all that is, is in fact, borderless.

We are thus very excited to showcase our first digital media gallery in collaboration with Prabhleen Kaur who has crafted each panel inspired by our shared ethos.

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