Stories of Bruijn

For me, storytelling is but an honest expression of the love I have for my brand and a humble attempt to showcase it. I have tried many a times to narrate this story but it wasn’t until I learned about Maroof Culmen did I truly think there was anybody who could capture the brand’s soul so beautifully while also being culturally aware and sensitive. Having narrowed down Maroof as our storyteller, I began to chalk out a map of the regions in India that have been so instrumental in shaping Bruijn’s narrative, lending it more meaning than other brands in this competitive space.

It was almost instinctive for me to identify the regions that contributed to the brand’s identity and growth; Bruijn had to be contributing equally to the region in terms of employment, etc, with both sharing a sacred, symbiotic relationship. Thus, in collaboration with Maroof and LoveStruckCow, we began months of research into building a visually telling campaign called Stories of Bruijn.

I only hope that this campaign relays our extreme gratitude towards, the farmers, the produce, the history and the culture of each region showcased - Old Delhi/ Delhi, Jaisalmer/ Rajasthan, and Srinagar/ Kashmir.

I would like to highlight my desire to further the brand with meaning while building a tribe that supports and identifies our cause: to contribute to a healthy and local triangular ecosystem marked on ends by farmer, produce and region. Each customer gained is an encouragement for us to continue our work and ensure that any addition to our product, packaging or story telling only fortifies our cause.

As I sign off, I would also like to thank all those who believe in and buy from us, fuelling our strength and efforts. Each purchase places a smile on our faces that is resounded by a farmer, vendor and all those working with us.

Mandavi Kanchan
Founder & Creative Force